The main educational plan for a therapist to start applying PSSE – Schroth method with their patients is to complete Basic and Level 1 courses (3 + 6 days). The final certification is awarded after the completion of Level 2 course (6 days). The Masters course (4 days) is optional for those that they want to further expand their knowledge in the field of spinal deformities treatment.

Advantages of following your education with
PSSE – Schroth method:


  • Easy and Accurate Classification to describe all curve types, just 3 simple questions need to be answered

  • Important to give the proper information to the therapist on how to accordingly treat their patients

  • Concept of Overcorrection, the decision for + / – is based on clinical, radiological and prognostic criteria and is taken from the initial classification

  • Maximum correction for curve types when recommended, avoidance when it is risky for creating compensations (double and balanced curves)

  • Avoid dilemmas on how to classify and treat curve types that are balanced (thoracic and lumbar)

  • Avoid dilemmas on how to classify and treat curve types when pelvis is almost balanced

  • Avoid dilemmas on how to classify and treat curve types when you are not sure whether thoracic is structural or not

  • Avoid dilemmas on how to treat Th-Lu curve types with Apex T12/L1

Practical Application

  • Treat your patient Precisely and Safely to get the maximum effect of exercises based on their curve type

  • Innovative concepts of 3D correction

  • New Terminology with perfect accuracy on describing the body blocks and the concepts of correction

  • New ideas for Corrective/Rotational Breathing

  • New techniques for Muscle Activation (Thoracic Counter Traction on L-side, Shoulder Counter Traction on T-side)

  • New concepts of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training, based on PSSE-Schroth classification

  • New exercises and different execution of already existed Schroth exercises, based on curve type classification

  • New ideas for Mobilisations by the therapist, combination of Corrective Breathing with mobilisations

  • Special emphasis on Proximal Thoracic Scoliosis and new concepts of correction

  • Special emphasis on Thoracolumbar curves (Ventral Flat Zone on L-side, new ideas of correction)

Educational Plan

  • Proper duration for education (9 days to start applying the method in every type – 15 days for final certification)

  • Unique Patient Evaluation Form for clinical and radiological assessment of patients with scoliosis and kyphosis

  • High quality of theoretical education (clinical assessment and evaluation tools, prognosis, radiological measurements, pathomechanism of progression etc.)

  • Basic course Online by live teaching on Zoom with an Instructor

Nikos Karavidas, MSc, PT

Chair of PSSE – Schroth method

Nikos Karavidas is a Physiotherapist, born on February 28th, 1985, in Athens. He established Schroth Scoliosis & Spine Clinic, a specialized center for conservative treatment of spinal deformities, like Scoliosis and Kyphosis. 

He is the Inventor and Chair of PSSE – Schroth method (Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises), which is the latest development in scoliosis and kyphosis treatment. He gives educational courses in Greece and many other countries all over the world.